Follow Your Passion!!

Jill's Bread Basket
Jill’s Bread Basket

So here we have it, I’m 36, the mother of two beautiful children, happily married and working in a great job. Unfortunately, something is MISSING!!

Have you every felt that while you are grateful for all that you have, something is missing from your life. You are not following your passion? I know I am and I keep going back and forth as to what my passion can really be. Right now I work in marketing. It’s ok, not my favourite thing and has changed quite a bit since I first entered the field, but yet I find myself exploring the realm of Digital Marketing.

My thoughts are not with this particular area of focus because I am passionate about marketing. Not in the least. They are actually on this area of focus because this is something that I can do freelance while not taking me away from my young children for extended periods of time.

Ok so if this is not my passion then what is?…Well I love cooking and baking. When I’m bored I cook or bake. When I’m tired, I cook or bake and I just live doing it. I don’t just stick to basic recipes, I experiment. From yeast breads, to cookies, main courses, I love to dabble.

A few years ago when my daughter who is now 6 was a baby and even before she was born, I used to bake Christmas sugar cookies to give away and then for fun. Then I found myself baking cookies, decorating them until all hours of the night to give away as gifts and to sell. This then took a back seat for a while and then I started dabbling with gluten free breads. These I also started to bake and sell.

All this while, I have a friend that keeps telling me that I really just need to package my goods and sell them. Even my daughter is encouraging me to sell them and after a lot of putting it off, I think that I am finally ready to take this challenge and put a little more effort into what could potentially be a viable side business.

I have been told that when I talk about cooking and baking, I get a really excited look on my face so I figure, why not follow my passion and bake as a hobby and share my baking with others. So this weekend my daughter and I got to baking and we did our first batch of cookies in honour of Barbados’ 49th year of Independence. These of course will be followed by my Christmas cookies and hopefully even a Gingerbread House. So stay tuned as I keep you posted on my baking…


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