To Join or Not to Join – That’s the Question

To Join or not to have a choice
To Join or not to join…you have a choice!

So for the last few weeks an acquaintance has been on me to take advantage of this “amazing” business opportunity. Well right off the bat, I knew just what she is talking about. She is trying to get me to join a multi-level marketing network (MLN). Now, while I’m not going to call its name, I will say that this one in particular has been around for decades and I do know firsthand that their products do work. In these tough times, I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t interested in making some extra money.

The seminar

So as part of the feeling out process, I was invited to attend a seminar over the weekend to learn more about the company and how this one guy was successful at it. To be honest, I went to get a little break from the family, because lets face it, as much as we love them, we do occasionally need some time away to really appreciate what we have.

I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was quite surprised at the number of young people in attendance. I half wondered if someone did a whole recruitment session down at the local university. Upon entering the room, I also had another glaring observation, everyone walked with their notebook and pen. Some insight into me, I would usually walk with a notebook and pen to a business meeting, but hardly ever take notes, because I am usually able to retain all that was said. So the seminar begins and immediately I notice that listening to them guide these young people, they are feeding them the same premise that is given in the Secret.You know what I mean…the power of attraction, you get success when you feel success.

All this whole of course, their heads are down and they are busy making their notes for success. For their sake, I do hope that they succeed.

While I was unable to stay for the entire thing, I did stay for half of it and it only reaffirmed to me, that I would really only be joining for me, so that I can use the products. If I have a friend that I think would like the product and may be interested in buying them, then I will share.

Still Considering the Option

My thoughts are, yes, I will join, but under certain conditions:

  1. I will not be making a list of people that may be interested in making extra money because –
    1. the people I would consider asking are aware of the company and have said over the years they are not interested.
    2. the people that would be interested were in some kind of network already and have no interest in joining another.
  2. I’m not an insurance or other type of sales person and will not pester people as if I were, I hate when people do it to me and it just is not my personality.
  3. I do not have time to attend these meetings that would be focusing on how many people I called or tried to get to signup.

My thing is this. I have a family to take care of, young children to care for and when I am not at work, as a mother I tend to be focused on them and their needs. Also, my introverted personality does not have me making lists of people to call and pester. In all honesty, my philosophy is to treat others as I want to be treated and I hate being pestered to buy something or join a club.

While I am still between two minds and not exactly sure what I will do I would say however that  if I can honestly sign up so that I can use the product and not be pestered about getting others to join, I would gladly do it. If, I can share my experience with the products and get others to purchase from me sure, I’m in. But if I have to shell out money to attend seminars and conferences to hear people talk about how successful they were are getting others to sign up, good for them, I’m out.


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