Fourth Time the Charm!! – My Quest For A Black Pants

Work Slacks

Today I found myself on a quest to find a much needed black pants for work.

For convenience and due to time constraints, I decided to pay a quick visit to Sheraton Mall on my way to St. Philip. As I arrive at the mall, I park under the high rise because in my mind, I am going to do a quick dash into the mall, go to the nearest clothing store, get the pants I need and be outta there. Well needless to say, that is not what happened.

Half Expected Disappointment

With my daughter in tow, we make a be-line for the first store. Now let me say right up, I half expected this store to actually have what I was looking for and really only ventured in because, well lets face it, they have great prices and I am a budget conscious mother. Well, right off the bat, I noticed that they only have a few black pants styles that I would think very hard about wearing to work. The few proper dress pants that they did have, didn’t come in black. After a quick fit and an “oh, this pants will never fit my hips sigh” I set out for my second stop.

Unexpected Surprise

This second store, is a very nicely set up boutique. This store had one or two styles of black pants (considering that I personally think that a black pants is a must for every career woman). Once again, I tried on a pants in the one style that I figured may actually be suitable for the office. Well my time was well wasted, what I found in this store was a pants that while it did fit my waist, was five inches too long. I did inquire as to the possibility of getting the same pants in a shorter length and was nicely informed that they only come in one length. I’m a woman that has traveled, nowhere have I have come across a store only having one length, but I guess that having lengths for petite, regular and tall women is asking too much. Well from here I decided to place this pants in my mental “potential” file and set off for stop number three.

Needle in a haystack
Needle in a haystack

Don’t Know What They Were Thinking

In this third store, I was pleasantly surprised with a whole rack full of black pants. Now, don’t get your hopes up like I did, this rack full ultimately meant nothing to me. To give you some perspective, I wear a US Size 8 or 10 depending on the style. Given my size, I naturally select a medium and then a large just in case. Well, lets just say, the medium didn’t get up my thighs and the large refused to close. Extra large was my next selection, well that was a complete waste of my time. This pants states it is an extra large, but fit me like a second skin (as someone with self respect and knowing the importance of looking professional) I promptly put the pants back on the shelf and decided to go to this little store I know of near the other end of the mall.

Success at Last

So by this time I’m really dragging my daughter through the mall well I stumble across the very classy Zara’s Collection. From the outside you can tell that this store is not going to be the cheapest (remember I’m a budget conscious mother), but I just couldn’t help by enter. As soon as we entered, we were greeted by a very pleasant sales associate. After explaining my need for a black pants for work, she quickly pointed out the options that they have available. Unfortunately, there weren’t many options (black either seems to be out of style or it’s just in such high demand they are hard to find) and they only had two styles. Well, being the dollar watcher that I am, I was able to get a lovely black pants from their 50% rack.


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